St Simons Island Lighthouse by Kathryn Meyer

Words Of Hope From St. Simons

Last week, I shared with you that I attended the Mercer Preaching Consultation at St. Simons. This week I would like to share with you some of what I learned at the consultation. I learned a great deal from other pastors who made presentations as they related some of their challenges and approaches to preaching….

Proverbs: Wisdom for Life; Wednesday Night Bible Study

Proverbs: Wisdom For Life: A New Wednesday Night Study

On Wednesday, October 15th we will begin a new study on Wednesday evenings, based on the Proverbs. The study will last for five weeks, concluding on November 12th. The study is based on material from NextSunday Resources. We will begin with an introduction to Proverbs in which we will look at some of the unique…


Forgiveness Follow Up (From Sunday’s Sermon)

Sunday morning I preached on forgiveness that transforms.  We read Matthew 18:21-35 and examined how Jesus instructs us to give forgiveness because God has given us unfathomable forgiveness.  I’d like to flip the forgiveness coin, so to speak, and think for a moment about the way we ask for forgiveness both from God and from…

Dr. Carlton Allen

A Welcomed Time of Study and Reflection

This past Sunday through Tuesday I have been attending the Mercer University Preaching Consultation at St. Simon’s Island.  This is one of two main continuing education events I attend each year.  The Consultation offers an opportunity to hear a nationally recognized scholar as well as hear presentations from peers. This year’s featured speaker is Diana Butler…


Parenting Seminar Coming to You!

Have you ever felt alone in your parenting thinking that no one has experienced what you are going through?  You know, that moment when your toddler is throwing a fit and you feel you have no compassion left.  Or when your 8 year old asks a question about God that has you completely stumped and…