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Here you can check out First Baptist's important information and activities!

  • Online Church

    Because of precautions we're all encouraged to take during this time of COVID-19, we are having online services! Until otherwise stated, these are our new service times and locations online: 

    Sunday Morning Worship - 9am on Facebook, uploaded later on the website

    Sunday F4 (Youth) - 4pm on Instagram

    Wednesday FBCKids - 3:30pm on Zoom

    Wednesday Night Youth - 4pm on Instagram

  • Soup for Shut-Ins

    Last Thursday morning we had a group of ladies come to the church to cook soup for FBC's senior citizens who cannot go out. Because of the generous donations from congregants, they were able to make several gallons. Thank you to those who gave food items and who worked on cooking the soup! 

    Click here to see some pics on our Local Missions page. 

  • Volunteer Opportunity

    Habitat is constructing a new home on Harmony Street in Commerce GA! In addition to volunteers on site, they also need lunch sponsors. Lunch is served to the workers at the site. They prefer sandwiches, pizza or hamburgers. If an individual or group can sponsor a lunch, please call Stacey at 706-387-0242 to sign up. 

  • Winter Adult Bible Study: The Minor Prophets

    This year for Winter Bible Study we will examine the Minor Prophets. The Minor Prophets, of course, are those who didn't hit well enough to make it to the majors (just a little joke)! The Minor Prophets are a group of twelve books recording prophecies from the 8th - 5th centuries BC. As such, they cover the time from before the fall of the Southern Kingdom of Judah, to the time after the return from the exile. 

    The term "Minor" actually refers to the length of books which are short when compared to the books of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah (the Major Prophets). This will be a six week study. We will cover more than one book on most nights. We will focus on the identity of the prophet, the time in which he prophesied and the major theme(s) of his prophecy rather than going into a detailed study of the writings. I believe this will give us a better feel for this period in Israel's history. You may be surprised at the relevance of these writings for our time. 

    The study begins on Wednesday, February 5th as we examine the book of Hosea. The rest of the schedule, with a break for Ash Wednesday is as follows:

    2/12 - Joel and Amos

    2/19 - Obadiah and Jonah

    2/26 - Ash Wednesday Service

    3/4 - Micah

    3/11 - Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah and Haggai

    3/18 - Zechariah and Malachi