St Simons Island Lighthouse by Kathryn Meyer

Words Of Hope From St. Simons

Last week, I shared with you that I attended the Mercer Preaching Consultation at St. Simons. This week I would like to share with you some of what I learned at the consultation. I learned a great deal from other pastors who made presentations as they related some of their challenges and approaches to preaching….

New Sermon Series: Psalms of Praise

For the months of July and August this year I want to share with you a new series of sermons entitled “Psalms of Praise.”  Each sermon is based on a psalm of praise from the Psalter.  We will begin with a portion of Psalm 145 that gives instruction on how we are to praise God….

Lights, Camera, Acts(ion)

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Early Church Beginning this Wednesday evening and continuing throughout the spring, we will engage in a study of the book of Acts for our Wednesday night bible studies.  The Acts of the Apostles tells the story of the early church from the ascension of Jesus to Paul’s bold…

Church Work Day

We need your help! Saturday, October 27, starting at 8:00AM we need as many helpers at the church as we can get. We will be fixing some things around the church and sprucing it up. Please come join us if you can. Tasks we need help with: Hall behind baptismal pool needs to be cleaned…


We strive to be rooted in Christ while reaching our community. Our ministry grows out of our devotion to Christ and our desire to understand God’s word. We hope what you find here will encourage you to visit with us and experience how we can help you grow in your relationship with Christ and extend…