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This Sunday, I want to begin a new sermon series that will take us through the spring.  The title of the series is “What Really Matters.”  The inspiration comes from my alma mater, Furman University.  Once each semester a faculty member is invited to deliver the L. D. Johnson lecture on “What Really Matters.”

Dr. L. D. Johnson was the chaplain when Donna and I were students at Furman.  Dr. Johnson was a brilliant scholar who also had an incredible gift for understanding and pointing out what truly matters in life.  In light of that, those who deliver the lectures given in his memory and honor are asked to address what they believe truly matters in life today.

The sermon series will, likewise. Focus on those things that truly matter.  Topics will include perspective, grace, the inevitability of the kingdom of God, the Easter message, our response to the resurrection, security, love, receptivity to God’s voice, a sense of expectancy and three things that matter most.  I have this sense that, as our nation gets more and more caught up in the political process (as important as that may be), perhaps this is a good time to remind ourselves of those things that matter, not just in the political world, but in the spiritual world as well.

I hope you will be present as much as possible for this series and, as always, I would value your reflection on these messages.