Cause for Celebration and Prayers

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We are now settling into our full routine with the youth both on Sundays and Wednesdays at church.  Somehow the students seem more committed this year in both their attendance and in their desire to grow.  We have had really good attendance for F4 and on Wednesday nights!  I have been celebrating their active presence this year and pray that this trend continues.  I hope you will pray for these things with me as well.

This year I see that our youth group is possibly as diverse as it has ever been.  We have students who attend because a friend invited them.  These students come because they have found a place to belong, but not necessarily to learn about God even though they are learning about God by being with us.  Other students come because they are either asking the big questions of faith or someone is challenging them with these big questions.

Last week we spent a lot of time on the question: if God loves us, why do terrible things happen in the world?  This question was not one that I posed, but came from one of our students trying to make more sense of faith.  This is just one of the questions we have faced head on so far this semester.  As you can see we need your prayers.  Please pray that they will learn from each other and from our discussions as a youth group.  Please pray that they continue to think deeply about questions of faith and they keep asking those tough questions.  These big happenings with our students are cause for celebration and for prayer.