Cheering Them On

Categories: News

Saturday’s Oh Mama 5K was a lot of fun!  Our people volunteered to welcome and register runners and set up refreshments for after the race.  We also had several people stationed on the course to cheer the runners on as well as help them stay on the path.  All of the jobs were important and helped people feel welcomed at our church. 

Of all the jobs though, the cheerleaders stood out to me the most.  As runners would round a corner or approach the finish line, we had

people encouraging them to keep pushing, to do their best, to stay on course, to finish the race.  I am reminded that this act of cheerleading is part of what we are called to do as the Body of Christ.  We have responsibility to one another to encourage and care.  I am thankful for each of you as we cheer each other on in our relationship with Christ.

Thank you to the committee who put together the race!  Jon Massey, Dylan Wilbanks, Tricia Massey, and Brandy Martin did a wonderful job of helping our church continue to reach out into our community.  I know I had a great day and many others did too!