Youth Sunday

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I heard Youth Sunday went well.  I wish I could have experienced it first hand, but sometimes illness trumps desire.  I want to thank the youth for all of the hard work they put into the planning of Sunday’s worship service.  They always give their best and this past Sunday was no exception.  I am also grateful that most of the youth were able to come prepare on Friday afternoon instead of our usual Wednesday time due to snow.  I was impressed at their commitment and desire to get ready for leading the congregation in worship. 

Thank you also to so many who stepped in to help the youth in my absence.  Jackie Tirpak, Sabrina Hardy, Michele Head, Bruce Leary, and Jason Ritchie organized the youth and helped them Sunday morning feel ready to lead.  Kathy Pruett, Todd Chandler, and

Carlton Allen, thank you for helping to lead in worship in those necessary but understated ways which anchor our service.  I am sure there are more who I haven’t yet heard about who saw a need and filled it.  I am also grateful to Tricia Massey, Michele Head, Joe Head, and Jason Ritchie for helping pull together the Youth Super Bowl Party.  I heard it was a blast.  It was such a blessing to know that so many were willing to step in and accomplish the important tasks at hand.  Thank you for being church.