Can You Really Keep A Secret?

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Well, can you?  That was the theme of our Youth Retreat this past weekend.  The students focused on Luke 12:2-3 as we discussed the secrets we keep from family, friends, ourselves, and God.  Our youth spent some time thinking about what we keep secret, who we keep it from, and why we don’t want the truth to get out.  They then offered to God that which feels most hidden.

We further discussed sharing our struggles with a trusted Christian friend or mentor to encourage us in our walk with God.  I ask that you pray for our students as they choose this special person in their lives and as they share some of their hurts and struggles.  This is not an easy task, but when we share with one another we find hope and companionship. 

Along with considering our secrets, the youth got a chance to relax and play at the lake.  Thank you to Mark and Windy McCannon for hosting us.  I know this weekend was just what some of them (if not all of them) needed!