Their Journey Toward Adulthood

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Over the course of this semester, the high school seniors and I have been examining their lives and the life of Jesus to think about who they are, where they come from, and where they are going as they prepare for life after high school.  Along with focusing on spiritual growth we have been exploring practical skills they will need to survive in the big world out there.  We have been trying our hand at cooking, working with a budget, and learning about when to seek medical help for illness while at school.  We had a college panel to discuss what college is really like and consider the new temptation these students might face while at school.  We also learned about car maintenance for each of their individual cars.  We tackled the basics of how to change a tire, how to check the oil, and what items are most helpful in an emergency.

This Sunday the students will finish up this series with considering their calling and who they are becoming in Christ.  This is special time in which the students reflect on their last days of high school, get encouraged by their parents, and really look forward to what is next.  Please be in prayer for these students not only Sunday night as we meet together for the last time, but also over the course of the next few weeks and months as the transition becomes more real.  Our graduating seniors are:

Kelsey Harbin                  Keisha Mosley

Elizabeth Purcell             Katherine Sanders

We will recognize these high school seniors on May 12 during worship.