Eggceeding Eggcitement

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Saturday afternoon was full of Easter fun as we dyed Easter eggs and then hunted more eggs on the front lawn of the church.  It is always an exciting time.  The children are so creative while dyeing eggs and are fascinated by the process.  We have children from our church come, but also we get to visit with grandchildren of our church members!  I love that we all get to come together to celebrate.  After our snacks and egg activities we read the Easter story and families were invited to the Easter Experience.  This was a series of hands on reflection stations of the events of Holy Week from Jesus at the Lord’s Supper to his Resurrection.  We even touched a crown of thorns and smelled myrrh to think about Jesus being dead in the tomb.  It was a great chance to try to walk the path of Jesus.  What a great day of learning, sharing, and celebrating!