Surprise Lenten Blessing

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Sunday morning, I led the children out of the sanctuary to go to Children’s Worship as I always do.  This time I expected much of the same routine as we always follow.  We sing a few hymns and discuss their meaning.  We take up the offering.  We discuss what happens in worship before the children leave.  Next I ask the children for prayer requests and then I pray aloud for each person and situation for which they have asked.  We then pray the Lord’s Prayer together or as an echo (you know, I say a phrase then they say it).  Sometimes we have each of the children take turns praying for each other.  Finally we read a Bible story and discuss it.  That pretty much sums up what we do in Children’s Worship on Sundays.

Each week I hope for these children to learn more about what we do in worship and how to do it themselves.  This week was indeed a time to see this hope come to reality.  As usual, I asked the children for whom they wished to pray.  Just before I began praying for these people one kindergarten girl spoke up.  “I want to pray today,” she said with enthusiasm!  “Do you mean you’d like to pray for the entire list of people?” I asked for clarification.  “Yes!” she replied.  Please keep in mind that when the children pray for each other they often don’t have the words so I pray for them asking them to repeat after me.  This child was one of the ones I have always done this with and here she was today wanting to pray the entire prayer by herself! 

I have tears in my eyes just thinking about her excitement and willingness to pray.  She did pray for all of the needs of the group and did it in a way that reminded me what a blessing it is to be able to work with these children.  This child tried something new with how she relates to God and her community of followers of Jesus.  I hope as we continue on this Lenten journey you will seek out a new way to connect to God and others.