A Giving Heart

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Sunday was a big day for many reasons.  Among them were the children singing and playing handbells in worship. I love to hear and see the children offer their talents in worship as I am sure you do as well.  To be led in worshiping God by our children is a special gift and I am thankful that they are willing to lead.  Because the children sang, I got to sit with them for a few minutes.  During the offertory hymn several of the children and I stood around one hymnal and followed the words together and sang.  They were excited to be a part of the congregational voice as a whole, again offering themselves to God.

Then when the offering was being taken up, one of the children wanted to give her offering, but she couldn’t get it out of her coin purse before the offering plate was passed.  By the time she finally got it, they were nearly through taking it up.  She was disappointed.  I quickly told her she could give her offering during Children’s Worship and she seemed content with that.  I must share that during Children’s Worship each week the children jump at the chance to take up the offering before I’ve even asked for a volunteer.  This child gladly gave her offering as did other children.  They understand that every bit they give is important.

Each week our children are eager to be a part of worship and give their all to God.  They do this through singing, being the acolyte, reading scripture, and giving their offering.  I don’t know about you, but I love to see their giving hearts.