Declarations of Joy

Categories: News

“I’m an angel!”  “I’m Mary!”  “I’m one of the Wisemen!”  These are the declarations I have heard over the past three weeks from the children as they prepare for the Christmas Program.  They are excited and ready to share the joy of Christmas with our congregation.  It has been wonderful to overhear their conversations about the events and people surrounding Jesus’ birth not to mention the pride they are taking in getting to participate in this reenactment of the nativity.

Speaking of sharing joy, I for one was moved as Elizabeth Justus, Landry Kate Martin, and Skylar Arntson helped to lead us in worship Sunday morning.  Their skills on the piano, the clarinet, and singing filled my heart.  I love when the children share the gifts God has given them with us. 

All of these children know the good news that Jesus is born!  I hope their enthusiasm and joy about this wonderful news is contagious for you.  Even in the hustle and bustle of this holiday season, let us declare God’s goodness and sing his praise in sending Jesus to us.