Gratitude and Celebration

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Gratitude:  All week last week, the youth worked hard to prepare for the Yard Sale.  You, the church family, gave loads and loads of goodies for the youth to sell.  Your donations and their efforts paid off!  We had a great day of making deals and selling treasures!  I am not sure I can adequately express just how diligent the youth were at preparing for, selling items for, and cleaning up from the sale.  I am really proud of their efforts!  The youth raised $1715.71 for youth mission and discipleship events!  Thank you to everyone who helped these students this weekend from donating to volunteering to buying…we have much to be thankful for!

Celebration:  Next Wednesday night, November 28 at 7:00pm we will make advent wreaths for our Family Advent Celebration.  We will do this in the fellowship hall.  EVERYONE is invited to make an advent wreath for your home.  This is an excellent way to for everyone to prepare for the Advent season which begins the following Sunday.  (On a different but related note, the children will meet on this night, Nov. 28, from 6:00-7:00pm to prepare for their Christmas program in December.  Then at 7pm they will join us in the fellowship hall for wreath making.)  I do hope you’ll be able to come celebrate with us!