Chrismons Are Everywhere

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This week the children and their families are constructing our First Baptist Church Christmas float for the Commerce Christmas parade.  The theme for our float is “Trimming the Chrismon Tree” which is also something we do during our Hanging of the Green service (this coming Sunday during morning worship).  As these families construct small and giant Chrismon ornaments to cover our float, I thought I’d call your attention to these symbols of our faith. 

This might be a fun quiz for you and your family to enjoy.  Did you know that…

…IHS is Latin for Jesus?

…XP is Greek for Christ?

…The chalice represents Jesus’ blood shed for us?

…The cross symbolizes Jesus’ death, but also Jesus defeating death through resurrection?

…A crown represents Christ as our king?

…Alpha and omega reminding us that God is in everything?

…Dove symbolizes Jesus, the Prince of Peace?

…Three interlocking circles represent the Trinity?

…The lamb is Jesus, the Lamb of God, who sacrificed himself on our behalf?

…The butterfly represents the new life we receive through Christ’s resurrection?

…A lit candle is Jesus, the Light of the World?

These are just a few of our Christian symbols.  As you see these symbols on our church’s Chrismon tree, on our Christmas float, and throughout the season of Advent, I hope they will serve as reminders of who God is and his love for us in sending Jesus to us.