The Good News

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Easter is my favorite holiday not to mention my favorite time of the Christian year.  But here’s my question: have you ever considered just how much of our theology comes from this one week of Holy Week?  Sunday we read all of the Holy Week story from the gospel of Mark and I was again reminded just how much happens in one week!  Jesus is lauded as king as he enters Jerusalem, he is anointed with oil as he prepares for his death, and he has a last supper with his disciples giving them the bread and the cup.  He asks God to give him strength for his trial and death and one of his followers betrays him while another outright denies him.  Jesus is tried and sentenced to death, then dies on a cross for us and is placed in a borrowed tomb.

I hope that as we continue through Holy Week you will be able to join us for the services of our community churches as we observe Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Sunrise Service on Easter morning.  I hope that you will also take time in your personal Bible study to reread the words of these events so as to let the good news wash over you in a new way.  Jesus being placed in a tomb is not the end of the story.  Jesus is raised from the dead to new life and we too are raised to new life through him.  Let us celebrate the good news this Easter that HE IS RISEN!