Continuing to Celebrate Easter

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Monday morning as I walked in the door at the church office, I happened to look at the front lawn of the church and realized that the cross is still there and for a moment I was sad that all the flowers we so lovingly placed on it are dead.  Placing those flowers on the cross is a symbol that Jesus defeated death and we celebrate in new life.  Just because those flowers are now dead does not mean the joy and celebration of Easter is over.  Jesus gives us new life in him as he defeated death. 

We are in the time of the church calendar called Eastertide which is the fifty days from Easter to Pentecost (the day we receive the Holy Spirit).  (This year Pentecost is May 27.)  Each Sunday in Eastertide is a Sunday of Easter in which to celebrate the risen Christ.  Though we technically only celebrate Eastertide for these fifty days, we are an Eastertide people!  We live in Eastertide because we worship and serve the risen Christ.  I hope you are able to continue celebrating!