Have you ever been reminded of something just when you needed to hear it again? I love it when that happens! In worship on Sunday, I was reminded through the baptisms of the commitment I made to follow Christ; the commitment to follow Christ each and every day. I share this with you, not in an “I had lost my faith” sort of way, but in a “daily re-commitment” kind of way. I think God knew I needed to be reminded and that I also needed to hear what I was going to teach in the Discipleship Class on Sunday night. In this class, we are trying to understand big theological words and how they impact us. We studied the words “Savior” and “Lord.” I know these words don’t seem big because we use them so often that they, if we let them, can become common place in our hearts and in our understanding. But these words are BIG, important words! We are using the CBF resource, Becoming Like Christ, and it gives the definitions of these words.

“Savior: One who saves. Jesus, who died for our sins to save us from eternal separation from God and forgives us when we ask him to. Lord: Owner or master of one’s life.”

I understand the Savior part and accept on a regular basis that Jesus saved me from separation from God. I really think that understanding “Savior” is the relatively easy part of Christianity. There is no question in my mind that I need saving. The hard part of Christianity is accepting Jesus as your “Lord.” There are times when I need reminding because I’m stub- born and think I can run my life as well as anyone else can. Then I am stopped in my tracks by someone or something reminding me that God, the creator, ought to know what is best for me, his created. I am stopped in my tracks by the reminder that Jesus is Lord, the master of my life and my each and every day. “To you is born this day a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord.” Luke 2:11 I think this “Lord” part of Christianity is what keeps  people from accepting God’s gift of grace. We so often think we can do it better than God. It is also what keeps God’s people from acting and sharing out of God’s grace. God is inviting each of us to make Jesus our master, our Lord. I figured that if I need a reminder of that wonderful and powerful fact, then maybe, just maybe, you might need to hear it too.

On another note, I am excited to see how the children and youth have developed their skills as they have practiced and continued to mature in their respective sports. I would love to come see the youth and children in action, but I need your help. Please make sure I get a copy of the schedule of events in all of their extracurricular activities so I can attend and cheer them on.


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