Children’s Discipleship Class

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On August 29 I began a discipleship class with some of our third through seventh grade students. We made faith chests to hold important items we make such as symbols of our faith. We have looked at the birth of Christ as if looking at a baby book of Jesus. We considered how Mary and Joseph discovered they were going to be parents, how they decided on Jesus’ name, and who came to visit the family shortly after birth. It was a new way to see Jesus’ birth. We connected prophetic scriptures with Jesus’ birth story as well. I believe we are in a good place of laying a firm foundation of our faith with these students.

This Sunday night we will continue our journey of faith and examine Jesus’ life and actions. We will consider how he lived and taught, who he spent time with and of his miracles. As these student continue to learn why we believe we ought to follow Jesus and about how to be a follower of Christ, please pray that they will be able to listen and ask questions about what they do not understand. This is their time to ask hard questions. Pray that God will continue to open their hearts and minds to God’s presence.

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